FAQ: How To Use Chinese Ginseng And Rice Mask?

Scoop out a small amount of our Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask onto your fingers or our Facial Mask Brush. Smooth the face mask all over your skin (your neck and décolleté too if you fancy) in an even layer. Leave it to work its ancient magic for 5-10 minutes while you take a moment to press pause.

How to exfoliate Chinese ginseng and rice mask?

  • In addition to the mask’s clarifying benefits, The Body Shop Chinese Ginseng & Rice Mask also provides quite a bit of gentle exfoliation, in the form of Luffa Cylindrica Fruit. What I like to do is lightly massage these bits all over my face with my fingers for a good 1-2 minutes for maximum polishing benefits.

Start with clean skin and use a brush or your fingers to smooth an even layer of the Chinese Ginseng and Rice Mask onto the face, as well as the neck and décolletage if desired, avoiding the more sensitive eye and lip areas.

How do you use the Body Shop Chinese ginseng and rice powder wash?

Currently I am obsessed with Body Shop skin care range especially the new launch Chinese Ginseng Powder. So it comes in a small plastic bottle which has a nozzle and you can take the powder in your hand. Just take little amount of water and rub it in circular motion all over your face.

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What does a polishing mask do?

Scrub with love and see brilliant skin. This formula with Nutrilite™-sourced Black Currant extract, helps defend against visible aging while natural Sugar Cane gently buffs away impurities for deeply clean, supple skin. Helps even skin texture for an instantly soft, smooth feel.

What does a clarifying polishing mask do?

The Body Shop Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask is a creamy exfoliating mask that works to not only remove dullness and unevenness, but also purifying, brighten, and revitalize skin. After each use, it claims to help minimize pores, reduce imperfections, and smooth the skin.

Is ginseng good for the face?

* Suitable for sensitive skin: If sensitive skin is your worry, ginseng’s natural anti-inflammatory properties help quell redness and puffiness. It also is a calm remedy for acne and psoriasis.

Does ginseng make you look younger?

The herb also acts as a skin whitener, aiding in the fight against photoaging and pigmentation and making the complexion look brighter, lighter and more youthful. Studies have found it can also inhibit the production of melanin, protecting the skin from the type of pigmentation caused by UV radiation, or sun damage.

What does ginseng do to your face?

But ginseng acts as a shield against them. And if sensitive skin is your worry, ginseng’s natural anti-inflammatory properties help quell redness and puffiness, Marchbein says. It can even be a good, calming remedy for skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis because of this, Akhavan adds.

How long do body shop face masks last?

Yes, all our products have a shelf life of three years when unopened; once a product is opened and used its shelf life will vary. There is a symbol on each product which is a small pot with the lid slightly ajar and a number inside.

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What does black sugar do to your face?

Black sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that penetrates into the skin and breaks down the “glue” that bonds skin cells, and this encourages the cell turnover (exfoliation). Glycolic acid is known to be an ingredient that helps with treating sun damages and wrinkles.

Does Freeman’s charcoal mask work?

The smell is kinda strong but that’s just because of the charcoal and I actually like it. The scrub feels like sand but it does a great job at exfoliating my skin. It pushes all the impurities out of my skin and leaves me with glowing skin. I would recommend this to anyone that needs a good exfoliator.

How do you use body shop face masks?

Remove your make-up and cleanse your skin. Next, smooth an even layer of the face mask onto the face using The Body Shop Facial Mask Brush or fingers being careful to avoid the eye and lip area. Apply to neck and décolleté if desired. Leave for 5-10 minutes until the clay dries.

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