Quick Answer: How Many Calories In Chinese Food Shrimp And Broccoli With Sauce?

How many calories in Chinese shrimp?

  • There are 103 calories in 100 grams of Chinese Shrimp. Calorie breakdown: 14% fat, 12% carbs, 74% protein.

How many calories in Chinese shrimp?

  • There are 103 calories in 100 grams of Chinese Shrimp. Calorie breakdown: 14% fat, 12% carbs, 74% protein.

How many calories is Chinese shrimp and broccoli?

The easiest stir fry you will ever make in just 20 min – it doesn’t get easier (or quicker) than that! 287.3 calories.

How many calories are in Chinese shrimp and vegetables?

A single version ( vegetable, shrimp, chicken, beef, or pork) still has at least 1,000 calories.

How many calories are in Chinese shrimp and broccoli with white rice?

Calories in Shrimp & Broccoli Over Rice

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Calories 380.1
Polyunsaturated Fat 1.1 g
Monounsaturated Fat 0.5 g
Cholesterol 172.3 mg
Sodium 233.3 mg

How many calories are in Chinese shrimp with garlic sauce?

There are 265 calories in 1 cup (212 g) of Chinese Food Shrimp with Garlic Sauce.

What’s the healthiest Chinese food to order?

10 Healthiest Chinese Food Takeout Options

  1. Egg foo young. Egg foo young is a Chinese omelet made with eggs and chopped vegetables.
  2. Steamed dumplings.
  3. Hot and sour soup or egg drop soup.
  4. Moo goo gai pan.
  5. Beef and broccoli.
  6. Chop suey.
  7. Chicken and broccoli.
  8. Baked salmon.

Is shrimp and broccoli healthy from a Chinese?

Whether eating out or at home, Chinese shrimp and broccoli makes a low-fat choice, with less than 20 percent of calories coming from fat. The homemade version from the traditional recipe contains 8 g of total fat, 1 g of saturated fat and 86 mg of cholesterol.

How many calories are in a cup of shrimp fried rice?

There are 321 calories in 1 cup of Shrimp Fried Rice.

How many calories are in Chinese shrimp fried rice?

Fried rice, shrimp contains 32.8g of carbs, 11.3g of protein, 9.6g of fat, and 271.4 calories.

How many calories are in a Chinese takeaway?

According to the independent cross-border study, an average takeaway of a vegetable spring roll starter, sweet and sour chicken and egg fried rice has 2,184 calories — 109% of an adult’s total daily calorie count.

Can I eat Chinese chicken and broccoli on keto?

Keto Chinese Chicken and Broccoli is a delicious better than takeout keto chicken recipe. Sliced chicken breast paired with broccoli florets and a homemade sweet and savory Chinese sauce. All the flavors you love but with just 4 net carbs in each serving.

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How many calories are in Chinese chicken and broccoli?

Chicken and Broccoli With lean, white meat chicken and bushy, fiber-filled broccoli, this dish is an excellent choice for someone trying to get the taste of Chinese food without the fat. According to LIVESTRONG.COM, a one-cup serving only contains around 280 calories.

Is white rice healthy?

Though white rice is more processed, it’s not necessarily bad. Most white rice in the US is enriched with vitamins like folate to improve its nutritional value. Additionally, its low fiber content may help with digestive issues. However, brown rice is ultimately healthier and more nutritious.

Can you lose weight by eating Chinese food?

The Asian diet will probably help you lose weight. Research suggests people in Asian countries who follow this dietary pattern weigh less than their Western counterparts. That’s likely because it’s high in healthy foods that keep hunger at bay: whole grains, vegetables and bean products, for example.

What is the brown sauce in Chinese food called?

Oyster sauce is commonly used in Chinese food and adds a savory, salty, umami flavor. Both can be found in most grocery stores. If you like, you can add grated or minced ginger or garlic. Serve your homemade brown sauce with a beef, chicken, or pork stir-fry or. Ingredients.

Nutritional Guidelines (per serving)
1g Protein

What is in shrimp and garlic sauce?

Garlic Sauce:

  • cup vegetable broth. 1 1/2 tablespoons cornstarch.
  • tablespoons canola oil. 1/2 medium onion, sliced.
  • tablespoons chopped garlic.

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