What Do You Ferment Kimchi In?

A mason jar is the best option, but any airtight container would suffice. Make sure the container is clean before you load it with the kimchi. Do not overfill the jar; it should only be about three-quarters full. How far along in the fermentation process was your kimchi when you brought it home? How is … Read More

How Long Can Kimchi Last In Jar?

Kimchi may be kept for up to 6 months if it is preserved correctly. Nonetheless, there are other elements to consider when determining the shelf life of your kimchi, including the storage environment in which it is kept, the ingredients used, and how many times it has been refrigerated in the past. Kimchi that has … Read More

What Chili Is Used For Kimchi?

In Korean kimchi, gochugaru is the hidden ingredient that imparts the dish’s distinctive heat, color, and flavor. Gochugaru (pronounced GO-choo-GAH-roo), commonly known as Korean chili powder, is a basic ingredient in Korean cuisine and may be found in almost every dish. Kimchi. Kimchi (/kmti/; Korean: gimchi, IPA:), a staple in Korean cuisine, is a traditional … Read More

How Do Kimchi Pots Work?

Onggi pots were historically constructed of clay and sand, but they are now almost exclusively made of ceramic materials. They are burnt in a kiln, which results in microscopic pores on the surface of the pottery. These small openings allow the kimchi within the pot to breathe while still keeping it impermeable, which is necessary … Read More

How Hard Is It To Make Kimchi?

The process of making kimchi generally begins with the salting of the primary vegetable. It is necessary to chop the whole cabbage in half lengthwise, then into quarters, in order to make this pogi kimchi. If you’re using two little cabbages, slicing them in half should be plenty. Then, one by one, you must thoroughly … Read More