What Is Publix Sub Sauce?

What is in Publix Deli sub sauce?

100% Soybean Oil, Red Wine Vinegar, Salt, Sugar, And Other Assorted Spices. Note: Recommended use. 1 tbsp per 5 oz. submarine.

What sauces Does Publix have for subs?

Available sauces include Caribbean Jerk, Garlic Parmesan, Korean Barbecue, Spicy Gold, Sweet Home Sriracha, and mild or hot Buffalo.

What is Deli sub sauce?

Made with a traditional blend of extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar, this tasty sandwich dressing is seasoned to perfection with herbs and spices. Boar’s Head Deli Dressing is a flavorful finishing touch.

What is on a Publix Italian sub?

The Italian sub is made up of tavern ham, cappacola, genoa salami and provolone cheese — topped just the way you like it. This is definitely a sub for the meat lovers and will not disappoint.

What is in sub sauce?


  1. Soybean Oil.
  2. Olive Oil.
  3. Hot Pepper Juice (from Pepperoncini)
  4. Oregano.
  5. Garlic.

What kind of bread does Publix use for subs?

Subs and Sandwiches. Choice of White, Whole Wheat or Italian 5 Grain Bread.

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What brand of wraps does Publix Deli use?

Toufayan wraps are convenient and versatile. We love to use them instead of sliced bread. And with so many flavors to choose from, you’ll find just the right wrap to complement whatever you wrap inside of it! Enjoy.

What is a Publix deluxe sub?

Product Description. * Made fresh at Publix. * Boar’s Head beef bologna, salami, & tavern Ham. * Choice of cheese. * Choice of toppings.

Does subway sell sub sauce?

Sauces. Top off your sandwich or salad with one of our delicious seasonings and signature sauces. Choose from: Chipotle Southwest.

What kind of oil and vinegar do you use for subs?

Subway Oil And Vinegar Generally, the mixture is about 10% olive oil and 90% canola oil. This ratio is likely because canola oil is much cheaper than olive oil and has a very mild flavor. Olive oil is a classic oil the can have a strong and distinct taste that can vary by brand.

What vinegar does subway use?

At Subway sandwich shops (the fast food chain), “oil and vinegar” means a blended vegetable oil and an inexpensive red wine vinegar. That is all.

Does Publix have Capicola?

Publix Deli Capicola, Hot.

What is on a Publix Cuban sandwich?

Cuban bread layered with Publix Sweet Ham, Roast Pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and a mustard and mayonaise mix.

What meat is on an Italian sub at Publix?

Publix Italian Sub Publix Deli Genoa salami, tavern ham, cappacolla, and provolone cheese on your choice of multi-grain, white, or whole wheat Publix Bakery sub roll.

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