What Happens When Your Cherry Pops Yahoo Answers?

The term ‘popping your cherry’ refers to the ‘popping’ of the hymen and is used to describe the process. When you rupture your hymen via vaginal intercourse, you may observe a little quantity of blood draining from your cervix. However, this is not always the case, since it is possible to break it while participating in activities such as dance, gymnastics, or horseback riding.

Is it bad if your cherry gets popped?

″However, if you have an unbroken hymen and you start bleeding, the blood will back up and you will experience severe discomfort.″ Yikes. Dr. Langdon warns that if the sight of blood coming up into your vag wasn’t frightening enough, things may become worse. ″In some cases, an imperforate hymen can cause the blood to build up to the point where it causes the uterus to grow.″

What happens when you pop your cherry more than once?

This isn’t correct at all. Once the hymen (cherry) has been stretched open, it will not be able to close again. In females, the hymen is a thin, fleshy tissue that extends over a portion of the entrance to the vaginal canal. On the first occasion that a girl has vaginal intercourse, the hymen might be stretched open.

How long can your hymen bleed for?

A thin flap of vaginal skin known as the hymen is frequently stretched and ruptured during a woman’s first sexual encounter with a man or woman. The slight bleeding that results from this might linger for one to two days.

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