FAQ: Thai Jasmine Rice Congee How To?

How much water do you put in rice for congee?

There are basically 3 consistencies and it corresponds to the rice – water ratio.

  1. Thick: 1 cup rice to 8 cups water.
  2. Medium: 1 cup rice to 10 cups water.
  3. Thin or Watery: 1 cup rice to 13 cups water.

What type of rice is best for congee?

Congee can be made with many different types of rice. Use basic white long-grain rice if you like; jasmine rice is a favorite as well. Other long-grain rice varieties like basmati can create a nice congee, and even short-grain rice will work. Cooking times may vary with any of these options.

What is the difference between congee and porridge?

So here’s from wikipedia: Porridge is a dish made by boiling oats (whole-grain, rolled, crushed, or steel cut) or other cereal meals in water, milk, or both. Congee or conjee is a type of rice porridge or gruel popular in many Asian countries. When eaten as plain rice congee, it is most often served with side dishes.

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What can I add to congee?

Common toppings for Cantonese congee include cilantro, Chinese chives, scallion, dried shrimp, ginger, orange peel, celery, and goji berry. Common accompaniments include a wide variety of congee side dishes, salted duck eggs, century eggs, and Youtiao (Chinese fried dough).

How can I make my congee thicker?

Season with salt to your taste and serve immediately while the porridge is hot. The longer the porridge sits, the thicker it will get. You can always thin it out by adding more water or stock.

How do I stop my congee from burning?

To cook congee on a stovetop, add the water and rice to a pot and bring it to a boil. Lower the heat and simmer, stirring occasionally to prevent burning.

Will eating congee help lose weight?

Reduce your overall caloric intake by replacing one meal per day with congee. If a typical meal was previously 650 calories and your congee is 150, your 500-calorie daily deficit will produce weight loss of 1 pound per week.

Is rice congee healthy?

Medicinally, congee is used to promote good health and strong digestion. According to TCM, because this simple porridge is easily digested and assimilated, it harmonizes digestion and also supplements blood and qi (life energy). Congee can relieve inflammation and nourish the immune system.

What can I do with leftover congee?

Add a serving of leftover congee to the pan. Flatten and shape it into a pancake. Cook until golden, flip and cook until warm and cooked to perfection. Top with appropriate fresh herbs, fruits, nuts, yogurt, etc, or just eat as is.

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Why is it called congee?

The dish does tend to be associated with East Asian cuisine, so it is interesting to discover that the word “ congee ” has its origins in the Tamil kanji (also the Telugu and Kannada gañji, the Malayalam kanni and the Urdu ganji), from kanjī (“boilings”), referring to the water in which rice has been cooked.

Is Congee a gruel?

Congee or conjee (/ˈkɒndʒi/) is a type of rice porridge or gruel eaten in Asian countries. When eaten as plain rice congee, it is most often served with side dishes.

What does Jook taste like?

Savory and creamy, jook warms me from head to toe, leaving me with feelings of comfort and contentment. To my mom, jook means home. It reminds her of days when the family was too poor to afford anything more than rice.

How do you add Flavour to congee?

Browned pork shoulder and spicy chile garlic sauce make this porridge extra hearty. Smoky bacon and sautéed onions give this congee fantastic flavor. Top this delicious soup with roasted peanuts and slices of Chinese sausage. For a savory porridge, add hearty ground beef flavored with garlic and fresh ginger.

Is Jasmine rice good for congee?

In Chinese cooking, congee (粥, pronounced jook in Cantonese or zhou1 in Mandarin) usually involves boiling jasmine rice with a lot of water over low heat. You’ll often see people cook the rice along with ingredients that impart umami flavor, such as dried seafood or pork bones.

How do you eat congee?

Tips for Eating Congee:

  1. Congee retains heat for quite a long time, so it is best consumed with a ceramic or porcelain Chinese spoon at a slower pace so you don’t burn your mouth.
  2. If you can’t wait for the congee to cool down, skim off the coolest, top layer of congee with your Chinese spoon and guide it into your mouth.

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