What Is Kaffir In Thai Food?

What can kaffir lime be used for in Thailand?

  • Kaffir lime is used extensively in Thai cooking. Both the zest and leaves are very useful. The fruit looks like a wrinkled lime, big wrinkles. Thai people believe the juice is excellent hair rinse to prevent hair from falling out. The zest of the lime is a key ingredient in red and green curry pastes.

Kaffir lime is used extensively in Thai cooking. Both the zest and leaves are very useful. The fruit looks like a wrinkled lime, big wrinkles.

How to use Kaffir lime leaves in Thai food?

  • How to Use Kaffir Lime Leaves Far more common in Thai food is to use the leaves of this type of lime, which the Thais call ‘bai makrut‘ (bai means leaves and makrut is a kaffir lime). Thais often place whole kaffir lime leaves in curries and soups to impart a wonderful citrus twang and fragrance to these dishes.


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What can I use instead of kaffir lime leaves?

One of the easiest substitutes is lemon and lime zest. The zest from these fruits offers the same strong citrus flavor needed for certain recipes. Since all that’s needed is a lemon, a lime, and a grater, this is a great option. The zest can be used in most recipes instead of kaffir lime leaves.

What do kaffir lime leaves taste like?

The leaf. The kaffir leaf has a potent citrus flavor that is sour, with a floral undertone. It is best compared to a combination of lime, lemon, and mandarin, and is unique in taste. The leaves of a kaffir lime are a similar texture to bay leaves and are often not eaten when added to a dish.

How do you use kaffir lime leaves in curry?

Kaffir lime leaves are used widely in Thai and South-East Asian cooking, imparting a tangy, spicy, lime -like zestiness to soups and curries. You use them like bay leaves, in that you have to take them out of the dish before eating – an important note to remember!

Where can I buy kaffir lime?

You can buy kaffir lime leaves from Vietnamese or Asian food stores. Some Chinese food stores also sell these leaves. You can find these leaves usually with other dried herbs, in the freezer section, or with other fresh produce.

Are curry leaves the same as kaffir lime leaves?

Kaffir Lime Leaves (Makrut Lime Leaves ) Kaffir and curry leaves have such a similar taste you can’t tell them apart. Kaffir lime leaves offer citrus notes to cooked dishes and they work wonders for soups, rice, curry, and stir-fries.

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What can I use instead of Thai basil?

Some recipes call for Thai basil, a pungent variety that can be hard to find in grocery stores. To duplicate its flavor, use common “Italian” basil and add a few fresh mint sprigs to the recipe.

Do you eat kaffir lime leaves?

Kaffir lime leaves are too tough to just eat, so they’re either kept large and reserved, or sliced thin. If the leaf is used whole, like in curry or in soup, most people do not eat the leaf itself. To prepare, tear the leaf by holding on to the joint between the two leaves and tear the leaf away.

Can you eat lemon leaves?

Though lemon leaves ( leaves from a lemon tree) are non-toxic, they still are not usually eaten. They do have a couple of uses in cooking: Arrange alongside cakes (like our Lemon Curd Layer Cake) as a garnish. Use as a bed for grilling, or to wrap meat or fish for grilling.

Can you use dried kaffir lime leaves instead of fresh?

Fresh, these can be hard to track down, but they also come freeze- dried rather like bay leaves, but with that unmistakable oriental-Thai flavour. Use dried, pounded in a pestle and mortar or soaked in a little hot water, and they’re almost as good as new. Fresh leaves can be kept in the freezer.

What is lime leaf used for?

The lime leaf is often used as a seasoning to provide a fresh citrus overtone in a variety of food dishes especially in Cambodian, Indonesian and Thai cooking for soups and curries. The leaves are also used to produce beverages such as tea and wine.

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What do lime leaves look like?

When buying fresh makrut lime leaves, look for dark green, shiny leaves (on one side; the other is dull) without any browning or yellowing. The aroma should be very potent and distinct.

What are kaffir lime leaves used for?

When cooking with kaffir leaves, it’s best to think of them as a kind of aromatic bay leaf — most commonly used to infuse curries, soups, stir fries or stocks.

Can you freeze kaffir lime leaves?

How Long Can You Freeze Kaffir Lime Leaves? Kaffir lime leaves will actually keep in the freezer for a really long time. Ultimately, kaffir lime leaves will keep indefinitely in the freezer. It’s still a good idea to label up the bag so you know what they are and when they need to be used by.

How do you grow kaffir limes?

Kaffir Lime Tree Care Kaffir limes prefer full sun in moist, well-drained soil. If grown indoors, keep near a sunny window. The Kaffir lime tree appreciates water and somewhat humid conditions during the growing season.

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