Readers ask: What Was That Sauce In The Jack In The Box Asian Chicken Sandwich?

Jack in the Box’s Asian Fried Chicken Sandwich features crispy fried chicken strips, fresh cucumbers, Asian-style slaw, and gochujang mayo on a toasted rice flour baguette. I went and bought one for $4.99.14 feb. 2018

  • Teriyaki bowl The Jack in The Box teriyaki bowl is an Asian-inspired dish that includes chicken-style rice, vegetables, a grilled tofu patty, green onions, and teriyaki sauce. 7. Grilled Veg Veggie Burger patty

Jack in the Box’s Asian Fried Chicken Sandwich features crispy fried chicken strips, fresh cucumbers, Asian-style slaw, and gochujang mayo on a toasted rice flour baguette. I went and bought one for $4.99.14 feb. 2018

What’s the new jack in the box chicken sandwich?

  • The ongoing obsession with creating the next best chicken sandwich rolls on as Jack in the Box enters the fray with the introduction of the new Cluck Sandwich and new Deluxe Cluck Sandwich. The Cluck Sandwich features a new, thicker, crispy, juicy chicken fillet topped with two pickles and mystery sauce on a fluffy brioche bun.


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What is in the Jack in the Box mystery sauce?

The Jack in the Box secret sauce is a simple mixture of ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, A1 steak sauce, Worcestershire sauce and a dash of hot sauce. The addition of dehydrated onion and xanthan gum gives it the texture of the original.

What’s in Jack in the Box chicken sandwich?

Mouth, meet Chicken Sandwich—made with a breaded chicken patty, real mayonnaise, and lettuce, all on a regular bun.

Is Jack in the Box mystery sauce spicy?

It is, but only at the edges of the fillet. It’s not a hearty crunch, but it’s better than what came before. Taking a closer look at the breading, there’s some seasoning in it, which gives the fillet a slightly peppery flavor when eaten separately. It’s not Popeyes-great, but it’s a step above Jack’s previous chicken.

Who is the girl in orange in the Jack in the Box commercial?

Gillian Vigman (born January 28, 1972) is an American actress, comedian, and screenwriter. She is most recognizable for her role as “Jack’s Wife” in many Jack in the Box commercials, but is also notable for her membership in the recurring cast of comedians on the sketch comedy series MADtv.

What happened to Jack in the Box secret sauce?

Jack’s Secret Sauce, formerly just called ” secret sauce,” is a condiment used in some Jack in the Box food items, most notably the Bonus Jack. It was also in the Jumbo Jack until May 1999, when it was replaced by ketchup.

What is secret sauce made of?

According to him, the spread is indeed a Thousand Island-style sauce made from ketchup, mayonnaise, and sweet pickle relish.

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What is the healthiest thing to eat at Jack in the Box?

Most Nutritious Option The grilled chicken salad (ordered with no dressing or croutons) offers 230 calories, 8g total fat, 3.5g saturated fat, 12g carbohydrate, 30g protein, 5g sugar, and 590mg sodium.

Who has the best chicken sandwich?

Here’s every fried chicken sandwich* across America’s top 50 fast-food chains, ranked from worst to best.

  • Rally’s/Checkers — Classic Mother Cruncher.
  • Chick-Fil-A — Spicy Deluxe.
  • Wendy’s — Spicy Chicken Sandwich/Asiago Ranch Chicken Club.
  • Church’s — Chicken Sandwich.
  • Popeyes — Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

How much is a Jumbo Jack with cheese?

Jack in the Box Menu Prices

Food Price
Jumbo Jack Cheeseburger $3.19
Jumbo Jack Cheeseburger – Combo $5.99
Spicy Sriracha $4.69
Spicy Sriracha – Combo $6.89

Does Jack in the Box still have spicy chicken strips?

Fan-favorite Spicy Chicken Strips are back on the menu at Jack in the Box. Jack in the Box offers seven classic dipping sauces including barbecue, Frank’s RedHot buffalo, honey mustard, sweet and sour, teriyaki, zesty marinara and the fan-favorite house buttermilk ranch.

What is a cluck sandwich?

Jack in the Box has announced the arrival of their latest chicken offering – The Cluck Sandwich. The brand new chicken sandwich is made with a crispy chicken fillet, topped with pickles and a mystery sauce nestled on a warm brioche bun.

How much is a cluck sandwich at Jack in the Box?

The Cluck Sandwich is $4.99, while the Cluck Deluxe is $6.99. Both can be upgraded to the combo version for an additional $1.

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Who is in Jack in the Box commercial?

Jack in the Box Cluck Sandwich Combo TV Commercial, ‘New Chicken Dance’ Featuring Becky G. Becky G and Jack Box shake up the “Chicken Dance” with a new beat and some modern-day moves. As the two break it down, other dancers join in with their own twists, twirls and choreographed flair.

Who is Dr Rick on the progressive commercial?

And certainly some credit belongs to Bill Glass, the 49-year-old veteran improv actor with a self-described “resting goofy face” that only gets goofier when he puts on Dr. Rick’s stage mustache (nicknamed “the Beast”). But what’s most unusual about the Dr.

Who are the Jack in the Box Chicken Dance dancers?

Jack in the Box and Becky G Pair up in Tiktok’s Newest Trend: The Remake of…the Chicken Dance.

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