Readers ask: Gifts For Those Who Love To Cook Asian Food?


  • 7-piece Carbon Steel Wok Set.
  • Korean Stone Bowl (Sizzling Hot Pot for Bibimbap and Soup)
  • Super cute baby panda rice onigiri shaper with dry roasted seaweed cutter.
  • Rice Paper Holder and Water Bowl.
  • Sushi Making Kit.
  • 2 – Tier Bamboo Steamer Gift Set.
  • Lucky Cat Bamboo Chopsticks and Rice Paddle Gift Set.


  • 7-piece Carbon Steel Wok Set.
  • Korean Stone Bowl (Sizzling Hot Pot for Bibimbap and Soup)
  • Super cute baby panda rice onigiri shaper with dry roasted seaweed cutter.
  • Rice Paper Holder and Water Bowl.
  • Sushi Making Kit.
  • 2 – Tier Bamboo Steamer Gift Set.
  • Lucky Cat Bamboo Chopsticks and Rice Paddle Gift Set.

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What is a good gift for someone who likes cooking?

19 Gifts to Buy for People Who Love to Cook

  • Versatile Wood Utensils. Need a gift for someone who already has a fully stocked kitchen?
  • Seed Bombs You’ll Cook With. The gift of a kitchen garden, right-sized for stockings.
  • One-of-a-Kind Knife Storage.
  • Round Cast-Iron Trivet.
  • A Slow Cooker You Can Write On.
  • All-in-One Box Grater.
  • Lucite Serving Tray.
  • Ramekins.
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What is a good gift to give a Chinese person?

List of Good Gifts you Can Present to Chinese

  • Home Specialties.
  • Local Wine & Cigars.
  • Kitchen Gadgets.
  • Exotic Coffee.
  • Tea: Flower tea or fruit tea.
  • Engraved Pens.
  • A Banquet.
  • Clothes.

What is the best gift for a Chinese girl?

Gift Ideas for Your Chinese Friends, Colleagues, or Family

  1. Fruit. Fresh fruit, especially when gifted at the Chinese New Year, symbolizes life and new beginnings — you will even see fruit used as temple offerings.
  2. Alcohol.
  3. Tea.
  4. Clothes.
  5. Red envelopes with money.
  6. Toys.
  7. Plants.
  8. Gift cards.

What do you get the cook in your life?

11 Brilliant Gifts for the Cook in Your Life

  • ARTISAN SALT SAMPLER; $123. Amazon.
  • QUIRKY EGG MINDER; $13. Amazon.
  • VITAMIX 7500 BLENDER; $529.

What do you get someone that has everything?

Unique Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything

  • A Virtual Assistant. Money is a renewable resource, but time is not.
  • An Experience. Most of us already have enough stuff.
  • Gift Cards.
  • A Night Out.
  • Babysitter Service.
  • Home Cleaning Service.
  • A Membership or Subscription.
  • Meal Kit Delivery Service.

What should a beginner cook?

Here the 11 best gifts for beginner cooks, like an inexpensive starter Dutch oven and the best mixing bowls on the market.

  • The Platonic ideal of mixing bowls.
  • A one-button rice cooker.
  • A beautiful (and functional!)
  • A salt cellar they’ll actually use.
  • A pack of sheet pans.
  • The best nonstick skillet.
  • A workhorse chef’s knife.
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What should you not gift?

30 Gifts Not to Give to Anyone

  • Umbrella. If you are thinking to give the umbrella to your loved ones then we don’t think it’s a good idea.
  • Clocks. Giving a clock to someone means you are telling them their time has come and wishing them to die.
  • Knife.
  • Scissors.
  • Handkerchief.
  • Comb.
  • Sharp Objects.
  • Black Clothes.

What is a good good luck gift?

Here are some great good luck gift ideas you could give your near and dear ones.

  • Dolphin Pill Organizer.
  • Hamsa Evil Eye.
  • Elephants.
  • Birthstone Charms.
  • Four-leaf Clover Necklace.
  • Goldfish.
  • Horseshoe Earrings.
  • Motivational Thoughts.

What gifts are bad luck?

Gift Giving and Gift Receiving Superstitions

  • Superstitions Surrounding Gifts You Give.
  • Knives and Scissors – Considered bad luck to give as they reflect the cutting of relationships.
  • Hankies – Giving handkerchiefs is said to signify tears will be coming to the receiver.
  • Soap – Soaps are supposed to be an unlucky gift as they signify washing away your friendship.

What can you not give as a Chinese gift?

6 Gifts You Shouldn’t Give on Chinese New Year

  • Handkerchiefs. A handkerchief is considered a gift of parting and so if given it is often assumed that you are saying goodbye forever.
  • Sharp objects. Sharp objects, similar to the handkerchief, are seen as cutting ties with a person.
  • Shoes.
  • The Number 4.
  • Clocks.
  • Pears.

Does China celebrate Christmas?

Christmas in Mainland China is not a public holiday and is not related to religion at all. It’s more of a novelty day like Valentine’s Day, rather than a religious celebration. But you’ll still see the malls and streets of the big cities filled with Christmas decorations, fir trees, Santa Claus and carols.

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Why do Chinese give gifts?

Chinese Etiquette: Gift – Giving. In China, as many countries else, gifts are usually given to show respect, gratitude, friendship, love or hospitality. It is an actual a common courtesy of the world. The customary reciprocity is also considered a traditional way to build and maintain friendships.

What every chef needs?

19 Kitchen Tools Every Home Cook Needs

  • A chef’s knife. No, you don’t need the $800 knife.
  • A paring knife. For more delicate tasks, like peeling apples and chopping garlic.
  • A heavy, wooden cutting board. Carnivores, make sure to get two–one for meat and one for veggies.
  • A stand mixer.
  • A food processor.
  • A hand-juicer.
  • A skillet.
  • A Dutch oven.

Can you give home chef as a gift?

Absolutely! You can purchase a gift card by visiting our Gift Cards page here. If you ‘re an organization inquiring about bulk gift cards, you can reach out to us about it here.

What should I buy for a foodie?

40+ Super Thoughtful Gifts for the Foodies in Your Life

  • 1 Temperature Control Smart Mug. Ember
  • 2 Foodie Dice® Two Tumbleweeds
  • SPONSORED. The Care Package.
  • 4 Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit. Uncommon Goods.
  • 5 Personalized Coffee Scoop.
  • 6 Chamomile Tea Plus CBD.
  • 7 Hot Sauce Set.
  • 8 Cast Iron Skillet.

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