How To Cook Udon-jjajang Asian Style Noodles?

우동, 자장 면, UDong, JaJang Myeon Cook the noodles in boiling water for about 6 to 8 minutes, unless the directions for your noodles tell otherwise. Then rinse the noodles quickly in cold water several times before you serve them – that will make the noodles more chewy and elastic.9 mrt. 2009

How long does it take to cook udon noodles?

  • Preparation. In large stockpot, bring 4 gallons water to rolling boil. (Note: Even small quantities of noodles need to be cooked a lot of water.) Add noodles and begin timing after water has returned to boil. If cooking semidried udon, boil 8 to 9 minutes before testing; if cooking dried, boil 10 to 12 minutes.

What kind of Udon do you use for udon noodles?

  • Udon noodles – I used vacuum packed udon noodles that are pre-cooked and sealed fresh in individual packets. You can find these in the refrigerated or frozen section of Asian grocery stores. You can also use dried udon noodles. Simply cook them according to their directions and proceed with the recipe.


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Can you use udon noodles for Jajangmyeon?

What noodles are used in Jajangmyeon? The noodles used in this dish are thick and chewy, made of wheat flour and salt. They are thinner than udon noodles, but wider than ramen. You can also find them dried in stores with a good Asian grocery section, or you can find the noodles online.

How do you cook frozen Korean noodles?

While the water is boiling, separate the individual ( frozen ) noodles with your hands under cold running water. Once the water is rolling boiling, add the separated noodles into the pot and cook them for 3 to 4 mins without the lid on.

What does Jjajang noodles taste like?

So what does it taste like? Uncooked black bean paste (chunjang) has a very earthy taste – with slightly bitter and salty notes.

Does Jajangmyeon taste good?

The overwhelming flavor in jajangmyeon comes from the black bean paste that goes into the sauce. By itself, it has a deeply pungent earthy and bitter flavor tempered by a salty bite. There are some small flashes of spiciness adding bright notes to it, as well, but the spice is far from overwhelming.

What can I add to Chapagetti?


  1. 1 package of chapagetti.
  2. ½ onion.
  3. 2 oz (50 g) pork, pork loin or pork belly.
  4. 2 Tbsp peas.
  5. 1 tsp olive oil, for black bean powder package.
  6. 1/2 tsp sugar.
  7. 1 tsp soy sauce.
  8. 1 tsp oyster sauce.

How do I make Jjajang noodles without Brand?

1. Add 300 ml of water and boil, then add flakes and noodles to keep boiling. The No brand Jjajang ramen recipe says to add 500 ml of water, but if you boil it with 500 ml, there is a hassle of draining water later.

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Is Jajangmyeon Korean or Chinese?

A bowl of jajangmyeon. It’s generally accepted that jajangmyeon is derived from the Chinese zhajiangmian. While both are tossed noodle dishes with a thick meat sauce, zhajiangmian is usually based on soybean paste, whereas the Korean dish uses fermented black bean paste.

What goes well with Jajangmyeon?

When served, jajangmyeon may be topped with julienned cucumber, scallions, egg garnish, boiled or fried egg, blanched shrimp, and/or stir-fried bamboo shoot slices. The dish is usually served with danmuji (yellow pickled radish), sliced raw onions, and chunjang sauce for dipping the onions.

Can you fry dry noodles?

Boil the noodles with salt and a teaspoon of oil till al dente. My rule of thumb is to boil the noodles for 30 seconds less than the package instructions. Keep the heat to medium high, and add a handful of noodles to the oil, spreading them out. Deep fry them for 2-3 minutes till they are a deep golden brown.

Why are my noodles chewy?

Your pasta is chewy maybe because it is undercooked or under kneaded or because didn’t give your dough proper time to rest. There are many mistakes that can make your pasta feel chewy especially if you are making fresh pasta at home. It is always the best to search for the reason to find the perfect solution.

How do you cook dry udon noodles?

Cook both fresh and dried udon in well-salted boiling water until just tender (about 3 minutes for fresh, 8 minutes for dried ).

Is Jjajang ramen spicy?

Although the jjajang flavor is not spicy, it’s flavor doesn’t make up for the loss of spice.

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Are Korean black bean noodles spicy?

These noodles are the most tame of all of these flavors in terms of heat, but be warned they are still very very spicy. They have an amazing flavor and can be enhanced by adding whatever toppings you’d like.

What is the taste of Chapagetti?

The chajang sauce has the sweet taste of sweet onions, like any good chajang sauce. Carrot and meat flakes add to the meal, making Chapagetti perfect for whenever the craving for Chajang strikes. Popular extras include crushed chili pepper powder, and a side of yellow pickled radish.

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